Burning cars, firecrackers and violence. He protests against the lockdown in Rotterdam

Peaceful demonstrations against covid measures have turned violent in the Dutch port city of Rotterdam. Police cars are burning in the streets. Dozens of police officers are trying to calm the situation with warning shots and with the help of water cannons. Port workers have been on strike since Thursday, blocking the driveways to the shipyard in protest.

Social media videos show chaos, police clashes with protesters and a fire in the streets of Rotterdam.

According to the Dutch news organization NOS News, at least two people were shot by the police.

The Dutch government introduced a three-week tightening of covid restrictions this week. Among other things, it restricted visits to households, opening hours of shops and restaurants and banned the presence of spectators at sports matches. In recent days, daily infections have reached record levels in the Netherlands, with most people dying dying there since March.



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