Burma arrested brutal mob, ambassador sues UN to lift 3 inches – Feb. 27, AFP reports

Burma arrested brutal mob, ambassador sues UN – On February 27, AFP reported on the situation of anti-military protests in Burma or Myanmar after a coup, seizing power from the civilian government under the leadership of State Counsel Aung San Suu Kyi. Since February 1, the past that Massive masses of armies rallied across the country for the twenty-second consecutive day. Like many government and private agencies, they have been on strike and police have escalated the use of force to crack down and arrest protesters. Among the criticisms of human rights and international organizations calling on the junta to end violence. Including accelerating the recovery of democracy

Raised – Myanmar police use force to arrest anti-military protesters in Yangon. After Choe Mo Tun, Myanmar’s permanent representative to the United Nations, asked for help from the international community and raised 3 fingers to deny the coup.

Local media reports via a live stream on Facebook revealed the chaos after police chased protesters in Rangoon. And there are many shots of guns fired, preliminary still can not determine whether it is a rubber or real bullet. But in recent weeks, Myanmar rioters have started using both rubber and live ammunition that four protesters have been shot and killed. The crowd shouted and asked if “What are the police doing? They defend a mad dictator. ”Before officials open fire, threaten and chase runaway protesters scattered through the alleyways. 15 protesters and lawbreakers were arrested, three of which were the media, including AP photographers. Myanmar Video reporter And photographers of Myanmar Press Photo

The move comes after Myanmar’s permanent representative for Myanmar Ambassador, Choe Mo Toon. Announcing the domestic situation on behalf of the Myanmar civilian government to the United States United States General Assembly on Feb. 26, it said that Myanmar needed strong assistance from the international community to stop the construction. Coup d’etat Before raising three fingers and speaking in language Myanmar calls on its ideology to stand up against dictatorship.

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