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On August 15, 2021, the Taliban moved to Kabul. What state of mind was Biden in 3 days before the inevitable?

On August 11, the White House communicated: “President Biden is delighted to announce today that he will bring together the leaders of a diverse group of democracies from around the world for a virtual summit in December. for democracy, which will be followed in about a year by a second in-person summit. The virtual summit, which will be held on December 9 and 10, will boost commitments and initiatives around three main themes: defense against authoritarianism, the fight against corruption and the promotion of respect for human rights. The big comedy will take place this week. Let us be participatory so as not to suffer.

Colin Powell’s white powder vial

To begin with, we will admit the testimony of Colin Powell, who just passed away on October 18, 2021, at the age of 84. He was the highest ranking African-American officer, former secretary of state. He was responsible for dragging the UN into a war against Iraq because it had chemical weapons of mass destruction. In support of his speech, he held in his hand a vial containing a white powder. Irrefutable proof that Saddam Hussein was a dangerous terrorist. France was distinguished by its Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dominique De Villepin, who had asked for more verification. It was February 5, 2003.

Lie to invade Iraq

Ten years later, this important personality is in Paris, to present his book: “I had the luck”, ed. Odile Jacob. The Obs of March 1, 2013 is titled: “Exclusive. Collin Powel: How the CIA cheated on me ”. He describes what will remain, according to him, “a task in my career”. In fact, Iraq did not have these weapons. He sold a lie that had dire consequences. A 2016 report in England showed how Prime Minister Tony Blair pushed for war in blind loyalty to George Bush, the American. He apologized to the dead English soldiers, to save “democracy” and “the free world”.

Biden supported the bombing of Iraq

It is a state crime. A crime against humanity. The facts are constituted. Statements are high quality evidence, available to the general prosecutor’s office. But no one complains because the author is powerful: he sanctions in all directions, with extraterritorial laws, monopoly economic and financial systems. By this time, Biden was already elected. He lived through the invasion of Afghanistan and the expulsion of the Taliban. He supported the bombing of Iraq and the destruction of the Iraqi people. It is he, the professor who will point out the limits of the “free world”, give lessons in democracy ”and courses in“ promotion of respect for human rights ”.

You know his slogan: “America is back”! More burlesque, you die!

Ary Yee Chong Tchi Kan

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