Burj Khalifa has 3 time zones for prayer and iftar, this is the explanation

JAKARTA – Burj Khalifa is known to have 3 different prayer and iftar time zones. Burj Khalifa is 828 meters high and 160 floors. Because of this very towering height, the Burj Khalifa has 3 time zones.

The existence of 3 time zones in Burj Khalifa makes Burj Khalifa has 3 time zones for prayer and iftar. Especially before Ramadan, so if we visit the Burj Khalifa, we have to adjust the time zone on our floor to be on the Burj Khalifa.

The scholars have agreed on this. With a height of almost 1 kilometer, it’s no wonder that the view of the sun on the ground floor and the top floor is very different. And this of course affects prayer times which use the basis of the circulation of the sun.

If we are on the top floor, we can enjoy the sunset longer than the floor on the ground. So, the higher the floor, the time for prayer and iftar is different a few minutes after the time for prayer and iftar on the floor below.

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The first time zone is on the ground floor to the 80th floor. In this first zone, the prayer and iftar times are faster than the zone above. This zone has prayer and iftar times with local local time.

Then, the second zone is on floors 81 to 150. Floors 80 to 150 have prayer and iftar times that are 2 minutes slower than the first zone. If we are in this second zone, we have to adjust our prayer times and iftar.

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The last zone is the third zone. This third zone is on the 151st floor to the top of the tower. The difference between prayer times and iftar in the third zone is 3 minutes slower than the first zone. This should be a concern for people who are in the third zone so as not to mistakenly determine the time for prayer and iftar.

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