Burešová and Forejt revealed a big secret! There will be five of us, the couple wrote

On Sunday, April 10, another part of the popular show Your Face Has a Famous Voice awaits TV Nova viewers. But it will be absolutely exceptional, because the star couple Eva Burešová and Přemek Forejt will sing in it for the first time. Before the broadcast of this episode, the couple published a good news!

In the next part of the show Your Face Has a Famous Voice, in addition to the performances of the performers, the audience will receive a special musical issue by jury member Eva Burešová and her partner, chef Přemek Forejt. This is their first joint musical performance and it is quite logical that it takes place in the Face. That is, at the place where they met.

The duet Us, originally sung by Alicia Keys and James Bay, may not sound more romantic than the performance of the star couple Eva and Přemek in love. The couple confirms in a joint duet that they are expecting a baby.

The star couple has already announced the joyful news on the instagram. “Where the magic all started, we also announced the whole song. Your face has a familiar voice … now whether after Dad or Mom or WILL BE US 5!Eva Burešová rejoiced. She also published a second photo in the article, which shows her pregnancy belly.

“I enjoyed it a lot, even though we stood back to back during training because we were both ashamed,” Eva revealed. And Přemek added: “I think that duet is beautiful, it arouses great emotions.”

Watch the seventh episode of the show Your Face Has a Famous Voice on Sunday, April 10 at 8:20 PM on TV Nova.


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