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Bunschoten will ring the church bell less at funerals after complaints

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The large bell of the Sint Catharinakerk in Bunschoten will be rung less often around funerals. Local residents had complained to the municipality about noise nuisance and therefore the ringing is now limited.

Since 2009, the bell is rung when a funeral service begins and then when the funeral procession is on its way to the cemetery. According to the residents, the number of funerals has increased, which means that the ringing of the church bell is perceived as a nuisance, writes RTV Utrecht. Residents call the sound “monotonous and penetrating”.

Mayor Melis of the Group of the municipality of Bunschoten writes in a letter to the city council that ringing the church bell is important. “The ringing of the great bell is an important tradition in our community and part of the public display of reverence and respect,” he writes. “As a municipality, we value continuing this tradition.”

Nevertheless, Van de Groep understands complaining local residents and that is why whistleblowing is being adjusted. From 1 September, the big bell will only sound when the funeral procession goes to the cemetery after the service. According to Van de Groep, this “significantly reduces” nuisance to the surrounding area. Funeral directors and local residents will be informed of the decision by letter.

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