Bundestag election in Mülheim: result is ++ HERE the AfD was particularly strong


Bundestag election in Mülheim: result is ++ HERE the AfD was particularly strong

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Jamaica, traffic lights, Kenya: that’s behind the names of possible coalitions

Jamaica, traffic lights, Kenya: that’s behind the names of possible coalitions

It will not only be exciting for the general election on September 26th. Even after the election there will be many unanswered questions. Because: the parties are in the coalition negotiations. Who rules with whom? What covenants will there be? Jamaica, traffic lights or Kenya? What is behind these terms? We’ll explain it to you.

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Mülheim has chosen. The preliminary result is available. All constituencies are counted.

Mülheim is not a separate constituency, but belongs to constituency 118 Mülheim – Essen I (area of ​​the city of Mülheim and the Essen district IV – Schönebeck, Bedingrade, Frintrop, Dellwig, Gerschede, Borbeck-Mitte, Bergeborbeck and Bochold).


Results of the federal election in Mülheim

First vote result in Mülheim-Essen I (constituency 118, as of 5.30 a.m., all 118 polling stations counted)

  • Astrid Timmermann-Fechter, CDU: 23.95%
  • Sebastian Fiedler, SPD: 36,32 %
  • Joachim vom Berg, FDP: 8.60%
  • Alexander von Wrese, AfD: 8.47%
  • Franziska Krumwiede-Steiner, GREEN: 14.15%
  • Eliseo Francesco Maugeri, DIE LINKE: 2.65%
  • Pascal Marius Plew, The PARTY: 2.08%
  • Joachim Heinrich Kluft, FREE VOTERS: 0.80%
  • Hannes Stockert, MLPD: 0,11 %
  • Nicole Weber, dieBasis: 1.15%
  • Horst Bilo: 1.62%

Second vote result in Mülheim-Essen I (Constituency 118, as of 10:39 p.m., all 218 polling stations counted)

  • SPD: 33,25%
  • CDU: 23.59%
  • Greens: 14.6%
  • FDP: 10.96%
  • AfD: 8.03%
  • Left: 3.24%
  • Other: 5.86%


News blog about the federal election in Mülheim

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Monday, September 27, 2021:

10.30 a.m.: The blog is over

The blog about the federal election in Mülheim has ended. You can find all information about the Bundestag election in the Bundestag election news blog.

8:05 a.m.: The AfD was particularly strong here

A closer look at the numbers from the different districts in Mühlheim reveals that the AfD had very different results in Mülheim. While she only got 3.41 percent of the second vote in Mülheim Kahlenberg, she was particularly strong in Speldorf – Süd. Here the alternative for Germany received 14.67 percent of the second votes and was thus able to achieve more than the national average.

05.34 a.m.: That was how high the voter turnout was in Mülheim

The turnout in Mülheim was 76.36 percent. 139,657 people out of 182,895 eligible voters cast their votes. 1499 votes were invalid.

Sunday, September 26th 2021:

11:53 p.m.: Sebastian Fiedler moves into the Bundestag

The results from two polling stations are still missing. But Sebastian Fiedler (SPD) can no longer take the victory. The chairman of the Bund Deutscher Kriminalbeamter enters the Bundestag. He is considered an expert in the field of internal security. The chief detective worked, among other things, as an investigator for white-collar crime at the State Criminal Police Office in North Rhine-Westphalia.

7:35 p.m .: Compared to the national trend, it is pretty clear in Mülheimn. The signs point to victory for SPD direct candidate Sebastian Fiedler.

6:59 p.m .: Now there are the first results of the general election in Mülheim.

6 pm: The polling stations are closed! Now the count is also being made in Essen.

September 25, 2021: Postal voting rush in the Ruhr area

There was a rush for postal votes in several large cities in the Ruhr area. Up to 40 percent of those eligible to vote applied for postal voting documents. In Essen it was 34.5 percent. This means that the polling stations in Mülheim will also be emptier on Sunday than usual, because many have already voted from home.

Bundestag election in Mülheim: SPD under distress

Can the SPD secure another direct mandate in constituency 118? In the 2017 federal election it was already close. At that time the social democrat Arno Klare was able to unite 34.9 percent of the first votes and thus entered the Bundestag. The CDU candidate received 31.35 percent of the vote.


Some facts about the city of Mülheim an der Ruhr:

  • was first mentioned in a document in 1093, and in 1808 town charter was granted
  • lies between Duisburg, Essen and Düsseldorf
  • has 170,632 inhabitants (as of December 2019), consists of nine districts in three districts
  • Mayor is Marc Buchholz (CDU)


This year, Sebastian Fiedler is a new candidate for the SPD in the constituency. The Chief Commissioner of Criminal Investigation is the chairman of the Federation of German Detective Officers and could redefine the issue of internal security for the SPD in the future.


Bundestag election in the Ruhr area:


After the close result in the last election, the Social Democrats hope to increase the gap to the CDU again.

Astrid Timmermann-Fechter would like to prevent that, who is again in the race for the CDU as a direct candidate. She was a member of the German Bundestag from 2013 to 2017.

The Bundestag candidates in Essen-Mülheim I:

  • SPD: Sebastian Fiedler (47, Federal Chairman of the Association of German Detective Officers)
  • CDU: Astrid Timmermann-Fechter (54, Policy and Strategy Officer)
  • AfD: Alexander von Wrese (42, lawyer)
  • FDP: Joachim Berg (46, managing director)
  • Greens: Franziska Krumwiede-Steiner (35, lecturer)
  • The left: Eliseo Francesco Maugeri (18, pupil)

The third strongest force was the AfD in the last general election in the Mülheim Essen I constituency. Alexander von Wrese placed them again as a direct candidate.

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