Bundesliga taillight Schalke 04 presents business figures: financial outlook bleak

The relegation-threatened Bundesliga taillight Schalke 04 presents its business figures for 2020 this Tuesday (1 p.m.). It is already known that the Group’s sales in the first half of last year collapsed by around a third to around 102 million euros and another loss had to be posted, at that time the deficit was 10.3 million euros. The financial prospects are bleak: In the stadium, which normally has around 62,000 spectators, the team has to play in front of empty ranks due to the corona pandemic, and the gap between the bottom of the table and the non-relegation ranks is large – a relegation after 30 years of membership in the first division would have far-reaching financial consequences.


The group report is presented by Schalke’s CFO Christina Rühl-Hamers, who has been in office since last October. Recently, the Royal Blues were able to announce at least good news: The Russian energy company Gazprom would remain the miners’ main sponsor even in the event of relegation, and the Russian company will not make use of an option to terminate in the event of relegation. Instead, Gazprom agreed to support the club for at least three more years regardless of its league affiliation.

No information was given on the general economic conditions of the sponsoring deal. Most recently, Gazprom is said to have transferred around 20 million euros per year, according to unconfirmed media reports. The club recently had around 205 million euros in debt.

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