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The most turbulent days of the current season lie behind BVB. But there is no end in sight, because the derby against FC Schalke 04 will take place on Saturday. Seldom has this duel been more trend-setting from Dortmund’s point of view.

On Monday, the BVB officials nailed their heads – at least with regard to the coaching office with the black and yellow. For the new season, Noch-Gladbach coach Marco Rose takes over the position at BVB. Edin Terzic – current head coach in Dortmund – then moves back into the second member as an assistant coach, as was the case under Lucien Favre.


BVB trainer Edin Terzic speaks at Sky about his future plans. (Video: 00:29 seconds)

Course set at BVB – focus is on the sporty

With this, the speculations that have been going on for weeks that have accompanied the club are finally over from Dortmund’s point of view. No more annoying questions about the cast on the dugout, no more uncertainties among the players about who will set the route in training and on the sidelines from summer onwards. And trainer Terzic now has at least medium-term clarity about his further career.

All players can therefore fully focus on the sporty. So there are certainly worse starts to a work week.

BVB with victory in Seville

And this held another positive highlight in store on Wednesday. With the mentioned focus, BVB showed a good performance over long periods in the first leg of the Champions League round of 16 at Sevilla FC and crowned it with a 3-2 victory in which attacker Erling Haaland became the celebrated “beast”. This means that Borussia has a good starting position for the second leg (Tuesday, March 9th from 7:30 p.m. LIVE and EXCLUSIVE on Sky Sport 1) created.


Champions League, round of 16: Suso gave Sevilla the lead, but Mahmoud Dahoud and Erling Haaland turned the game with their goals in the first half. The ex-Gladbacher Luuk de Jong shortened in the final phase.

But before that happens, BVB’s focus is on day-to-day business called Bundesliga. It goes there on Saturday (from 5:30 p.m. LIVE and EXCLUSIVE on Sky Sport Bundesliga 1) in the Derby at Schalke for prestige, three important points in the fight for international places and for completing a perfect week!

Is Terzic sacrificing an offensive again?

After the coach’s decision and the Champions League success, the derby victory should now be the final step. It is quite possible that Terzic wants to use a tactical trick similar to that in the Champions League against Sevilla.

In order to bring more stability to the Dortmund game, the coach sacrificed an offensive player compared to the previously practiced 4-2-3-1 system and acted in the slightly more defensive 4-3-3 with Emre Can, Jude Bellingham and Mo Dahoud the defense. The result: BVB had less possession than usual overall, but allowed less defensively despite the two goals conceded.


Borussia Dortmund’s Erling Haaland towers against FC Sevilla and coach Edin Terzic chooses the right tactics. (Video length: 2:58 minutes)

Especially Dahoud, who was surprisingly in the starting line-up for many, knew how to convince both offensively and defensively and thus earned it Sky Grade 1. In addition to his remarkable flick to the 1: 1 equalization in the meantime, the midfielder, who played half-left, was often the starting point of the BVB attacks. But Dahoud also proved his skills on the defensive, with six ball wins he had the most of all BVB players (together with Haaland, Morey & Akanji).

Terzic warns: “We haven’t earned the praise yet”

The route and the mind games by Terzic worked out perfectly and were also praised by the players. But the coach not only sees the positive, but also warns Sky Micro with regard to the second leg and the upcoming derby.


BVB coach Edin Terzic is relieved about the win against Sevilla, but sees his team far from reaching the goal. (Video: 04:25 minutes)

“We haven’t earned the praise yet. We had a good first half – in terms of the Sevilla comparison. We put ourselves in a good position, but we’ve only played the first half. We want to continue there now. We will work through the mistakes, we try to improve our strengths in order to use it as a benchmark and to be able to call it up again on Saturday in the derby. “

BVB with performance drops after Champions League appearances

Well chosen words from Terzic, who has already seen many times this season how after a strong performance – such as against RB Leipzig (3: 1) – there was a drop in performance. In January, the success in the top game was followed by three winless games with just one point.

And the last four games after a Champions League appearance do not bode well either: 3-0 at Bruges – 2: 3 against Bayern, 3-0 against Bruges – 1: 2 against Cologne, 1: 1 against Lazio – 1: 1 near Frankfurt, 2-1 at Zenit – 1: 5 against Stuttgart.

In the past four cases, some intoxicating European nights have been followed by winless, sometimes completely indisputable appearances in the Bundesliga, which caused great disillusionment in black and yellow.

In the derby against Schalke, BVB wants to prevent that! Because in the end the perfect week should be on the calendar for Dortmund …

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