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In 2019/20, the foreign marketing of the games of the German Bundesliga on TV should bring the House of Lords a record sum of 270 million euros, but the yield fell significantly due to the corona pandemic. Allegedly, there is still no improvement in sight.

After the 2019/20 season brought in “only” 240 million euros for the German clubs around the industry leaders FC Bayern and Borussia Dortmund, last year’s revenues even fell again to 190 million euros – originally 60 million euros more were planned. According to information from “Sport Bild”, this figure will not be exceeded in 2021/22 either.

“Some difficult market situations and the corona pandemic have a negative effect on the entire sale of TV rights,” quoted the sports magazine Robert Klein, managing director of Bundesliga International. “We strive, where possible, for long-term partnerships for a solid basis. Examples are” ESPN “in America and” Nent “in Europe,” continued Klein.

Serie A overtakes Bundesliga

The already financially separated top leagues from England and Spain are, however, blessed with revenues of 1.63 billion euros and 897 million euros respectively, the gap that should actually be narrowed is still astronomical. The Italian Serie A has even overtaken the German Bundesliga. The Italians only got 203 million euros. The French Ligue 1 even has to be content with 80 million euros.

Sport Bild” also reveals where the problems of the German elite league are to be located. A contract with Suning in China for 250 million euros, originally concluded over five seasons, had to be terminated prematurely due to the lack of payments. In North Africa and the Middle East there has been no marketer since 2020/21. A deal is said to be in the house in October.

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