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When Matchday 15 concludes on November 13 with the Freiburg-Union match, the most unusual and longest winter break of all time for Bundesliga teams begins. A World Cup has never been played in winter, and the championship has never been interrupted for more than two months.

A challenge for the 18 clubs – who also have 18 projects during the World Cup in Qatar (20.11.-18.12.), Some of which are completely different.

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The Bavarian Halloween party
Kimmich’s wife became Catwoman

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Some clubs will leave immediately on marketing trips in mid-November (see map). Frankfurt (Japan) and BVB (including Indonesia) are flying to Asia, while Leverkusen are opening the new stadium for the local MLS club in St. Louis. Cologne and Stuttgart will play against each other in Austin (Texas) on November 19th.

Curious: why the mascot Hennes IX. not allowed to fly, FC sought a replacement for Hennes. Bock “Bram” will now act as “HennUS”.

Other clubs immediately release their pros – to train in December until the holidays. The November holiday is sometimes shorter (a good week in Bochum) and sometimes longer (three weeks in Wolfsburg).

Mainz boss Christian Heidel (59): “You can’t do anything for two and a half months, you have to keep the players in shape at a certain level.” His team from Mainz even went to the Spanish retreat twice. Other clubs have not yet set the dates, such as Schalke, which have to reschedule after the change of manager.

One thing is certain: at the beginning of January everyone starts with a classic winter preparation and have three weeks from the new year until the restart of the championship. Bayern returns to Qatar again, Leipzig flies to Abu Dhabi. After a 68-day hiatus, Leipzig will return to Bayern on 20 January.

And these are the exact plans of the clubs …

Bayer 04: In St. Louis for the opening of the stadium

During the trip to the USA (from 13 to 18 November), Leverkusen will inaugurate the new stadium of the St. Louis City Soccer Club with a friendly match (16 November). After: holidays until November 30, then training until medical check-up on December 18. The second start of the preparation is on January 3rd.

BVB on a three-country tour of Asia

A week after the break begins, BVB will fly to Asia from November 21st to December 1st and will hold test matches in Singapore, Indonesia and Vietnam during the PR trip. The Christmas break has not yet been decided, a retreat is planned for January.

RB in Abu Dhabi in January

At the start of the break, Leipzig want to train for another three weeks and play two friendlies (25 November against Radom, 2 December against Horsens). Holidays start in early December. After Christmas, RB will go directly to the Abu Dhabi retreat on January 2nd (until January 12th).

Freiburg: vacation, training, then in Spain

SC plans the holidays at the start of the Bundesliga break, then will resume training on 5 December. In January we will go to Spain. Coach Christian Streich’s team will be at the Sotogrande retreat from 4 to 14.

Wolfsburg: Only three weeks of vacation

VfL will be on vacation for three weeks until 6 December, after which they will train in Wolfsburg until just before Christmas (22 December). Preparations for the Kovac team will continue on January 2nd, a retreat has already been organized in the Algarve (Portugal). Exact date still open.

Werder in Spain against FC St. Pauli

Werder trains for one week, from 21 November to 7 December are free. From 8 December we will return to the field and from 2 to 9 January we will go to the camp in Murcia (Spain). Tests against local amateur clubs are scheduled (15 and 19 November), St. Pauli (4 January) and St. Gallen (8 January).

Bavaria: return to Qatar in January

The Bavarians, who are left with only a base squad without a World Cup driver, will continue to train until the Christmas break in early December and will head to a retreat in Qatar from January 6-12 after their return.

Cologne test in Texas versus Stuttgart

The FC will travel to Texas, United States, from 16 to 24 November, where they will play a friendly in Austin against Stuttgart (19/11). The Cologne professionals will then be on vacation until 7 December. Then the training sessions with a Christmas break from December 24th to January 1st.

Augsburg 2-break strategy plus training camp

Augusta also follows the strategy of the two breaks: from November 14 to the beginning of December it is free, then she trains again until the Christmas holidays. A training camp is therefore planned for January preparation: the exact dates have not yet been determined.

Schalkes Reis wants to test, test, test

The team will meet again on November 15th, after which it will be free until December 1st. In the period up to Christmas several friendlies are to be completed. A training camp will follow in early January (location still open).

Bochum: training again from the end of November

After a session on November 15th it is free until November 27th. There will be training again until December 22nd, including a test against the KSC. Then free at Christmas until January 2, from 7 to 14 we go to the training camp in Jerez (Spain).

Mainzer twice in Spain

After the last championship match, there will be a holiday (length still open), then the 05ers will go to Spain twice: first from 5 to 12 December in a retreat with a focus on team building in Mallorca, after the December holiday. 4 to 11 January in Marbella for preparation

TSG: A week of training before the holidays

Hoffenheim will continue to train until November 19, the pros will then be on vacation until December 5. From 6 to 21 December Training is back with friendlies against Elversberg (14 December), 1860 (17 December) and Fürth (20 December). For the January preparation, from 2.1. a training camp is planned.

Hertha: Wörthersee Cup and transfer to Florida

At the start of the World Cup break, Hertha will play the Wörthersee Cup in Klagenfurt (20/19/11) against 1860 and Klagenfurt or Graz. Play against Ludwigsfelde, Hannover and Braunschweig until the holidays from 8 December. From January 3 to 14, Berliners go to the training camp in Florida.

The Stuttgart schedule opens after the trip to the United States

What follows after the US trip to Texas (November 14-21, including the test against the Colony on November 19) is still open. Probably: two weeks of vacation later, then training until Christmas. Possible in January: a retreat in Spain.

Gladbach-Farke grants four weeks of rest

Manager Daniel Farke sends his players on a four-week vacation right after the last match before the World Cup against Dortmund. Around Christmas, the team will have almost no free time for this. A training camp will follow at the beginning of 2023 (location still open).

The Union is still looking for a field in Spain

The Union’s winter planning has not yet been officially defined. The probable solution: first leave in November, then start training in December. From January 2nd we will go to the retreat in Spain, the location has not yet been decided.

First tour in Japan, then a long break

One day after the league match against Mainz (13.11) we leave for a week-long PR trip to Japan. In Tokyo they play against Urawa Red Diamonds, in Osaka against Gamba. This is followed by training before the test against Bergamo (9 December), followed by a long break until 3 January.

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