Bundesliga: 1. FC Köln beat newly promoted Schalke – red for Drexler

I was in the stadium myself today, on the Cologne side.
Even the Cologne fans thought after the lazy, hey why VAR. When the red one came, everyone was a bit surprised. Me too personally. On the pictures from the VAR, I just looked, you CAN give red, but in real life it was really yellow. In fact, everyone was amazed. The referee was really overwhelmed with everything. The first goal, which was disallowed, is fine. Schalke was just unlucky there.
In the first 15 minutes, however, Schalke were clearly the dominant side. Cologne had to come into play first. Similar to Regensburg you had to wake up first. Lucky for Cologne that it was offside.
After that, Cologne took control of the game. Cologne felt like they had 80% possession of the ball afterwards.
After the red card, it was a mammoth task for Schalke. The win in terms of performance is okay.
But I don’t quite understand the red card either.
I wish Schalke good luck, the team seems suitable for the Bundesliga. Will want to see Schalke in the stadium a few more times this year, the team has a combative streak, I like it a lot!

To Cologne….. sorry if I say that now but with modeste you would have made 5. There’s nothing to add here.

Congratulations to Cologne for the three points!
The atmosphere in the stadium was great again today, it’s fun to watch games in Cologne.

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