‘Bum Panadda’ reveals the host, Mr. Aew Modeling, who is not a celebrity.

From the event that Bum Panadda lives live on Facebook Leave it to the host, beautiful woman, abbreviated letter N.M. who has helped Model So be careful Because you could be one of the movement. To raise or whatever So what is bad is good and good is good. I have to distinguish it. This event made netizens keep an eye on who the beautiful host, who was the initials noun.

Bum Panadda revealed that the younger one is actually not a famous MC or can be seen on the screen, but it is an MC in the south that the bad model has raised. And of course, no one can guess the name of the MC because they are not famous.

Conclude that Mae Bum just wants to warn the younger Ns that he knows all the albino people. You can go to rest

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