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Bulog Performance Questioned, Buwas: Don’t “Jumping Conclusion”!

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JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – Perum Bulog states, Proposal Rice The government (CBP) has reached the safe limit, which is 1 million tonnes.

This is known when management monitors absorption grain rice the farmer during this year’s main harvest season.

“After weeks, all the Directors of Bulog have gone to the rice fields to monitor and ensure the absorption of domestic farmers’ production, as of today Bulog’s rice stock has reached 1 million tons,” said the President Director of Bulog, Budi Waseso in a press release, Sunday (28 / 3/2021).

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The former Kabareskrim explained that the realization of the absorption by Bulog until the end of March 2021 was higher than in the previous 2 years.

As of March 26, Bulog has absorbed more than 180,000 tonnes of rice production in the country from all over Indonesia.

Meanwhile, Bulog’s average daily absorption this year has reached 10,000 tons per day. Uptake is likely to increase again in the next few weeks.

The man who is familiarly called Tomorrow This also questions the oblique comments which think that Bulog is not able to properly absorb rice.

“Those who think that Bulog is not capable of absorbing it, what are the indicators? Let’s talk using data and use thinking patterns system thinking not fatalistic. So seeing a problem must be comprehensive and interrelated. Do not ‘jumping conclusion, ”Concluded Buwas.

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Previously it was reported that Bulog’s ability to absorb unhulled rice from farmers was questioned by members of the DPR RI, even though as a state-owned food company, this institution was given the main task of absorbing the harvest.

In a number of regions, such as Indramayu, currently the price of unhulled rice tends to fall, ranging from Rp 3,000 to Rp 3,500 per kilogram, far below the government purchase price (HPP) set by the government.

“Bulog should be able to buy according to the HPP set so that the price of unhulled rice does not drop,” said Deputy Chairman of Commission IV DPR RI. Dedi Mulyadi reported from Among, Friday (26/3/2021).

“However, the reality on the ground that the price of unhulled rice has dropped, of course it is worth questioning Bulog’s ability to buy or absorb unhulled rice from farmers according to the HPP,” he continued.

Dedi also said that Bulog should also be able to buy grain from farmers to maintain price stability and secure national food reserves. Apart from not being able to buy unhulled rice from farmers according to price, Bulog is also said to be unable to sell the rice it has stored so far.

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