Bulgarians are returning en masse from abroad


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More than 314 thousand Bulgarians who lived abroad in the period 1980-2021 have returned to our country. NSI data from last year’s census proves it.

The top 10 countries to which our compatriots have emigrated are: Great Britain, Germany, Spain, Greece, Turkey, Russia, Italy, the United States, the Netherlands and France.

Most Bulgarians – almost 50 thousand returned to Bulgaria last year.

Sofia and Plovdiv are among the favorite cities to live in for Bulgarian citizens who have returned to our country.

In 10 years, nearly 400,000 people have moved from one settlement to another in our country.

56% have moved from one city to another and 22% have decided to move from one city to a village.

Nearly 16% chose to go from village to city. About 6% moved from one village to another.

Over 60% of internal migrants have moved from one area to another. More than 80% of them preferred to go to another city and around 15% to another village.

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