Bulgarian woman banned from entering Russia

Margarita Assenova

Margarita Assenova, who has lived in the United States for years and was a freelance correspondent for Radio Free Europe for Plovdiv and the region in the 1990s, was banned from visiting Russia. She is a native of Kardzhali, but spent a lot of time in the second Bulgarian city before settling in the United States with her children.

“I entered the list of sanctions against Russia. What an honor! I am glad that my work on Nord Stream 2 was not in vain,” Assenova said. And ironizes the Russian side.
“The Kremlin has been incredibly careless in compiling its sanctions list, including dead politicians such as Harry Reid and Orin Hatch. If the Russian government cannot verify publicly available information, it believes it can win a war,” Assenova said. It is known for its anti-Russian stance and its support for Ukraine.

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