Bulgarian class truck driver in Great Britain

The Bulgarian will be sent to a psychiatric clinic

A young Bulgarian repeatedly stabbed a truck driver in the chest, legs and head. The incident took place in Pirelli’s logistics office, where 20-year-old Martin Bozhkov worked.

While the victim, the Czech Michael Kadczyk, was waiting for his trailer to be loaded with tires, the Bulgarian approached him and knocked on his cabin door. Martin Bozhkov was armed with a serrated blade, and when Kadchik landed, he immediately attacked him, he said. BG-VOICE.

The incident dates back to April 2019, but now the court has decided to send Martin to a psychiatric clinic after a medical examination proved that he has a serious mental disorder.

During the re-enactment of the events in the courtroom, it became clear that the Bulgarian was chasing the Czech around the landfill, stabbing him and leaving bloody traces.



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