Bulgaria has huge gas fields, but the “Gazprom” foyer has suspended the concession (Movie)

1. Do we have this kind of technologies?

2. Does Bulgaria have natural gasoline reserves?

3. Why is the matter elevated now?

We examine these and other topics in “Actualno studio“with Ivan Hinovski, president of the Bulgarian Strength and Mining Forum.

How are we to comprehend these terms? When it comes to unconventional electrical power resources, the theme turns into science fiction.

It is not any more.There are a amount of projects about the world, United states, Australia, Canada, which aim to create green gasoline, for chemical reasons and for public transport. Hydrogen does not still have an economically feasible application in electrical power.

What does eco-friendly hydrogen imply: it is the production of hydrogen centered on renewable strength resources. President Radev’s announcement refers to the big venture in the Maritsa East location, in which there is an financial commitment notion for the construction of a big photovoltaic park to be put together with hydrogen generation vegetation. Subsequently, to be saved and transported as a result of transport infrastructures – pipelines for hydrogen, for export, as effectively as giving hydrogen to encompassing towns. We talked about this idea two a long time in the past, I personally announced this strategy for the inexperienced long run of the “Maritsa East” complicated.

What is shale gas in 2022. Must it scare us? There are produced nations in which its extraction is prohibited.

He produced me chortle Mike Pompeo’s proposal And Kiril Petkov’s response – now is the pre-election period of time, it is typical to discuss out in opposition to the concept. There will be ideal-wing businesses that will talk “in favor” of the thought. Individually I feel it is not without rationale. Given that Dobruja is a hypersensitive territory – we know the thesis that there is the granary of Bulgaria there, that the aquifers will be poisoned – even if they are 500-600 meters absent, and the mining action requires spot at 4000- 5000 meters, there is no possibility for groundwater, as well as for agriculture, but the pre-election eco-friendly contemplating and actions of politicians does not enable to discuss about shale gas extraction.

Aren’t the risks far too quite a few? In accordance to a 2019 research, the increase in world-wide methane emissions is the outcome of the fracking growth in the United States.

There is a logic in this, there is a flaw, a truth. If a particular person goes to assess greenhouse gasoline emissions, he will find that 80% arrives from the evaporation of methane from the forests, from the decomposition of wood and grass in the forests. Forests are the largest emitters of greenhouse gases. What should we do? Do we very clear or lower down the forests? There have been funny proposals on how to deal with this difficulty at a meeting in Paris … I want to explain to you that any exercise that provides good to culture normally has its downsides.

If not in Dobruja, wherever?

We introduced the concealed report in 2012 of a substantial American company, which has been exploring purely natural gas and oil fields in northwestern Bulgaria for 5 years. In the so-known as Big portions of organic gasoline ended up found in the Etropol Development spread about unique terrains. Demonstrated by point out-of-the-art drilling methods and around 500 billion cubic meters of fractured exploration. With traditional extraction, it is estimated amongst 150 and 200 billion cubic meters – this is also a enormous quantity.

What transpires to this information and this report? Our state has refused a mining concession. This is a Gazprom lobbying final decision.

On geothermal power in Bulgaria, on Toplofikatsia Sofia, which can reduce heating charges by 30% – watch the Video clip with the full dialogue with Ivan Hinovski.

https://www.youtube.com/look at?v=_qZ_Ly0iXpA

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