Bukopin Bank Executives Resign

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

A number of high-ranking PT Bank KB Bukopin Tbk (Bank Bukopin) resigned at once from their positions. The company conveys this information through the information disclosure of the Indonesia Stock Exchange (AT) there were three higher-ups who withdrew.

First, Hari Wurianto resigned from his position as director. Bank Bukopin Corporate Secretary Tias Hardi said that his party had accepted Hari’s resignation last Wednesday (17/11).

The second resignation was submitted by Sapto Amal Damandari as the company’s deputy independent commissioner.

“The company has received the resignation letter of Mr. Sapti Amal Damandari as Deputy Independent Commissioner on November 18, 2021,” Tias said in an official letter to IDX, Thursday (18/11).

The third resignation was carried out by Bo Youl Oh as the independent president commissioner of Bank Bukopin. He submitted his resignation letter on Thursday (18/11).

Although the three directors and commissioners left at once, Tias ensured that the company’s business activities and operations would continue to run normally.

“The resignation application will be decided at the General Meeting of Shareholders of the Company in accordance with applicable regulations,” he concluded.

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Previously, Bank Bukopin in June just reorganized the composition of the company’s directors and commissioners after the departure of Rivan Purwantono, who was withdrawn to state insurance company PT Jasa Raharja.

At that time, the board of directors of Bank Bukopin also resigned from their positions. Apart from Rivan from the chair of president director, Adhi Brahmantya also resigned from his position as director on July 16, 2021.

Third, Jong Hwan Han who resigned from his position as director at Bank Bukopin. His resignation took effect on July 15, 2021.

Meanwhile, for the board of commissioners, those who decided to leave Bank Bukopin were Deddy SA Kodir and Chang Su Choi.

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