Bukhinbalte refused Grant and House 2

It became known that Christina Bukhinbalte refused Grant and House 2 and does not want to return to the project. She is fine in Italy too, no one fidgets her nerves, she is surrounded by friends and relatives, there is no snow and warmth, besides, Christina is always expected in the beauty salon, where she worked as an administrator.

Bologna, where Cristina lives with her family, has an unusually pleasant climate, people are also friendly and therefore she does not think about returning to the project and rests with all her soul.

At this time, Grant was dealing with Alexei Adeev, about which we wrote on the sloka. Artyom is trying to convey to Christina that she must observe the chain of command when communicates with Adeev, who climbed into a couple and frankly hype on someone else’s life story. But Christina has her own excuses for this communication. Grant also communicates with a friend who throws mud at Bukhinbalte. And Artyom is allowed to spread rot on Chris both in conversation and on the air of the reality show House 2.

The problem is creativity

If you listen to Artyom, then the whole problem is in creativity, because Bukhinbalte is angry that in her absence Grant is recording a new song with Nastya Bigrina and David Dang, and not with Christina, who considers herself a beauty. Romashov has set up a recording studio, Grant is recording tracks, and Bukhinbalte is everywhere in flight and clings to every little thing. How similar it is to Christina. Or Artyom had to wait for Bukhinbalte’s arrival, and then sing?



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