Bugatti convenes Chiron Pur Sport models because of the tires

Exclusive events do not avoid exclusive models either, during extreme Bugatti Chiron performances there is not much room for mistakes.

The carmaker Bugatti devotes a lot of time and attention to the development and tuning of its cars, yet even such a prestigious and premium brand may have to announce a convening event. The reason for the latter, which concerns the circuit-oriented Chiron Pur Sport models, is the special tires supplied by Michelin.

According to the carmaker, the tires of one of the test prototypes of the Pur Sport model saw cracks, which the carmaker began to monitor and immediately solve with their manufacturer. For the Pur Sport model, as well as for other special Chirons, special tires were created to enhance its circular nature.


Bugatti had tire problems reported to Michelin almost immediately in September last year. Michelin had a possible problem confirming and at the same time specifying the next DOT weeks of tires that could have a problem.

According to the carmaker, cracks in the tires, especially the rear ones, can appear after a drive of about 4,000 km. As part of the convening event of approximately 60 Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport cars that have already been delivered, the carmaker should therefore offer owners a free tire change when driving around 3,000 km, or more than 1.5 years old.

Car owners who have tires older than 1.5 years, or have already driven over 4,000 km, should not drive the car too much until the exchange. However, the range restriction should probably not be permanent – Michelin should already be working to remedy the tire problem.

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Let us recall that the Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport model was created as a circuit special, to which its parameters and aerodynamics were adapted. For example, the car has a fixed rear wing and a maximum speed limited to about 350 km / h, but thanks to a number of technical modifications, it should look unexpectedly lively and agile on the circuits.


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