Buffett leaves the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Billionaire Warren Buffett has resigned as a trustee of one of the world’s largest private charities, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, according to Yahoo Finance.

He donated $ 4.1 billion of his shares in the Berkshire Hathaway investment fund to five other foundations.

“I am resigning from this position, just as I did in all the corporate boards other than Berkshire Hathaway Investment Fund,” Buffett said.

“The CEO of the foundation is Mark Susman, who has my full support. My goals are 100% in line with those of the foundation and my physical involvement is in no way necessary to achieve them,” he said.

Last year, Buffett announced that he had donated more than $ 2 billion in shares from his Berkshire Hathaway investment fund to the foundation.

Although Bill Gates and his wife Melinda announced that they would divorce in May 2021, they pledged to continue working together and this would not interfere with the foundation’s work.

The 21-year-old foundation has spent $ 50 billion over the past two decades fighting poverty, social inequality and other causes.

The Gates and Buffett family are at the heart of The Giving Pledge, a campaign created more than a decade ago that calls on dozens of American billionaires to donate at least half to charity.



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