“Buffers to the teams every 4 days, we evaluate an alternative. And on the reopening of the stadiums …”

Walter Ricciardi, member of the WHO executive committee and consultant to the Minister of Health, he spoke to SkyTg 24 about the problem of tampons for football: “The tampon every four days for footballers was a measure designed for ultra-professional football and for Serie A, which was then extended to the lower leagues without our being asked. We can calibrate, again on the basis of scientific evidence, measures that are at the same time safe but also sustainable by amateur teams or that do not have the same possibilities as the Serie A. For the Serie A four swabs remain for the moment, but since the measure somehow strongly affects the mucous membranes of the players, because having a swab every four days is something that still has an impact, we are analyzing some alternatives “.

On the reopening of the stadiums, Ricciardi added: “At this moment mass gatherings involving thousands of people are unthinkable. At this moment we need to see the effect of the opening of schools, then reconsider the reopening of slightly larger gatherings. . But certainly, until we have a vaccine or a specific therapy, bringing tens of thousands of people, all together, into contact with one another, is not possible. Partial openings, on the other hand, may exist but – adds Ricciardi – the opening must not be an end in itself, but must be protected both in the moment of access and in the moment of outflow. Obviously it is a scientific technical council then, as is known, and as has been evident with the discos, the presidents of the Region they can also take alternative decisions. The problem is that the virus gets back into circulation “.

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