Budget of IDR 70 million? 2007 Toyota Avanza Can Be Taken Home, Here’s The Complete Price List

Otomania.com – Toyota Used Avanza, Complete Letter of Living Tax Only Rp. 70 million This is the type and year.

Do another look used car low MPV type, can lyrics Toyota Avanza old issue.

Because this Toyota alert car is quite in demand in the used car market (Mobkas).

One of which is Toyota Avanza old 2007 issue.

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The 2007 Toyota Avanza is equipped with a 1,300 cc K3-VE type engine with a power of 94 PS/6,000 rpm and a torque of 120 Nm /4,400 rpm.

With a cabin space that is quite spacious and can accommodate 7 passengers.

Buy and sell prices Toyota Avanza tends to be stable despite the Covid-19 pandemic conditions.

Based on data from GridOto.com’s Pricelist channel, the price of the 2007 Toyota Avanza.

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