Buchinger defeated compatriot Barbork and is the first double ampion of the Octagon

Buki is back, rejoicing Buchinger for five years after a race in which he had, especially in the first and last round, thanks to a series of tight holes over his opponent, who is seven years young. It was a brutal walk. Joint down in front of Vojta. I didn’t expect so much. I thought I would finish the dock in the fourth or fifth place, but I couldn’t. In the first or second round I was a short distance away, evaluated the duel.

In the main stage of the Oktagon 27 event, Mt Kertsz from Hungary defeated Robert Puka’s house 3-0 on points. Slovk Gbor Borros, who did not play Mickaeal Lebout from France, also suffered a clear loss after those five-minute laps.

Vlasto epo and Bojan Velik from Serbia wrote a quick game in the first round in the Slovak capital. the epo defeated the Serb Miloe Kosti, defeated the Brazilian Carl Prater.



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