BTS’s Mexican fans beg Carlos Slim to bring the band to Mexico

Mexico City, January 23 (Yonhap) – Mexican fans of K-pop superstar BTS have been calling on Mexican businessman Carlos Slim to bring the South Korean band to Mexico, continually uploading posts on Twitter about their plea.

The followers of the Latin American country have continued to upload publications to make their request reach the Mexican magnate through tweets with the label “Carlos Slim bring BTS to Mexico”, which led to the name of the famous Mexican businessman being placed, at the beginning of this year, in the list of trends on Twitter, in addition to MX-ARMY, Mexico and BTS.

After Claro Música, an online music platform available in Latin America, revealed the list “Best of the year pop in English” in which the song “Dyanmite” by BTS appeared, Big Hit Entertainment, the representation agency of The band, published, on January 5, on the group’s official Twitter account, a message of thanks for including their song on the list.

ARMY, the legion of fans of BTS, from Mexico, reacted immediately, asking Carlos Slim, owner of Claro Música, to bring the band to the North American country and giving them some ideas for the possible concert of the septet.

Recently, RM, the leader of BTS, mentioned in a live broadcast on the Internet that he really wants to go to Mexico and anywhere the fans call him, expressing his disappointment that he cannot materialize due to the new coronavirus pandemic.

Although, so far, the businessman has not reacted to it, BTS fans have not stopped posting tweets with his strong request.

The last time BTS visited Mexico was in 2017 on the occasion of the KCON (South Korean Convention), the largest world convention of pop music and culture in South Korea.

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