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One of the conditions for negotiations for a future government will be the resumption of negotiations with Gazprom. Gazprom’s return is not a threat. Russia is not an enemy of Bulgaria, they and the United States are competitors in gas supplies. We are against changing one monopoly with another. Bulgaria is interested in more suppliers to compete. This was stated for “Offensive” by Rumen Gechev from BSP.

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The tremors in the coalition 392

He stressed that the BSP did not support the French proposal to lift the veto of the RSM, because the Bulgarian interest is not yet protected and guaranteed. “Instead of having the support of its European partners, Bulgaria is under pressure from France and Germany. The protocol is a flying piece of paper, there are unconfirmed texts in brackets. Until we see a text with a signature and seal as a preliminary project, we have nothing to rejoice about “We would leave the government if this proposal was accepted by the coalition,” he explained.

Iva Miteva revealed whether they will support a new cabinet of the PP

According to him, in the difficult situation in the country, the BSP is obliged to respond to a new call for a new government.

According to him, Ninova did not deceive anyone and did not sign a permit to export weapons directly to Ukraine. “There is tension between Radev and the BSP. These are discrepancies related to the behavior of the official cabinets. He was brought to the political scene by the BSP and we have some claims against him,” Gechev explained. He added that the BSP has enough qualified people to take over various ministries.

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