BSP in action: publicly asks Radev if he supports Kiril Petkov’s unborn party (Obzor)


Two key Red MPs confused over the regular Socialists gave the first presidential term

Stefan Yanev will not sneeze without permission from the president, interpreted the prime minister’s support for the new one project the former member of the team of the head of state Kaloyan Metodiev

An action against the unborn party, of which a leader is expectedand to be the caretaker Minister of Economy Kiril Petkov, the BSP began.

Rumen Radev to say publicly even before the presidential election whether he supports the future political project, which is the face of the caretaker Minister of Economy Kiril Petkov.

“It is important for Radev to say what his attitude is to this party before the presidential election, so that our members can hear it as well. This would be the correct attitude towards all the people from the BSP, who stood behind him and elected him in the first term “, the first social MP Stoyan Mirchev attacked.

He explained that this is especially necessary after the caretaker Prime Minister Stefan Yanev has taken a position in support of such a new future project.

“His prime minister has taken a position that the president must say whether he approves or not,” the Social Democrat told Nova TV.

The Prime Minister is an official and elected by the President and this staggering of Stefan Yanev seems strange to me, Mirchev added. Until now, the Socialists have been stubbornly silent on the topic of the future party, which is rumored to be backed by presidential adviser on domestic policy Nikolai Koprinkov. But the speech of the caretaker Prime Minister Stefan Yanev has blown up the red ranks, people familiar with the matter say. Many perceive Yanev as a spokesman for the president.

Confirmation from the Prime Minister that a project of Ministers Kiril Petkov and Asen Vassilev is being prepared was also seen by the Deputy Head of the Red Group Georgi Svilenski. “The position of President Radev is very interesting here, because the prime minister and both ministers have been appointed by him. Does he support this project and the actions of the Prime Minister, who says he would vote for it? A few days ago we heard that he was grateful to the Bulgarian socialists who supported him and worked for his election. Now I do not believe that such a statement by his caretaker Prime Minister pleases the Bulgarian Socialists “, Svilenski commented to BSTV.

“The new political project around the president and the caretaker government is in an advanced stage of construction. After Stefan Yanev himself said that he would support him – Stefan Yanev will not sneeze without permission from Rumen Radev “, the former head of the presidential cabinet Kaloyan Metodiev commented to bTV.

According to the political scientist, the building of the party structures was in an advanced stage, as they were done with people from “Democratic Bulgaria” and the BSP.

“I hear that I read on the Internet that such structures are already being built and people are getting used mainly from the DB and the BSP. Because there a strange symbiosis was created between two circles – connected with neoliberal structures and with the oligarchic wing of the BSP – the so-called internal opposition. They gathered under the wing of the presidential institution “, Metodiev commented.

He added that it is quite possible that the new party will jump the barrier in the upcoming parliamentary elections, taking mostly from the voters of BSP and DB. A last-minute announcement will be sought so that other parties do not have time to nominate their candidates for president.

For now, Ministers Petkov and Vassilev have announced that they will remain silent for the next two weeks.



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