Brynä’s unprecedented SHL departure signifies a major setback

Malmö remain in the top league

GÄVLE/STOCKHOLM. Brynäs is a hockey Allsvenskan team.

Malmö won the fateful match in Gävle, a total of 4–1 in matches, and thus remains in the SHL next year.

– It stings your heart and it will sting a little for the rest of your life, says Jacob Blomqvist, 36.

Brynäs IF has spent 63 consecutive years in the top league in the Swedish hockey system.

The 2023/2024 season will not be the case.

Brynäs, the club with 13 SM golds, is forced to start over in the Hockey Allsvenskan after losing the fifth qualifying match 1–0, a ​​total of 4–1 in matches.

– I don’t feel well at all. The dark side of sports… we knew what we were getting into and it’s very heavy. It’s like pulling a plug out of a bathtub. Many tears and many sad guys, says a distressed Ove Molin.

“It feels terrible”

The team then locked themselves in the locker room.

After 20 minutes the players came out. 36-year-old Jacob Blomqvist was taken when he spoke to the media.

– The only thing I want to put into words is the love the audience gives us after the final whistle. They stood up and shouted that “we love Brynäs, we’re going back right away.” It stings your heart and it will sting a little for the rest of your life, he says with tears in his throat.

– We are doing everything we can, but we just have to congratulate Malmö, who are better than us in this match series.

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What does it mean for the club and for the city that Brynäs IF leaves?

– Brynäs is Gävle and it will always be that way. I hope this will do something positive for the club to build it up and come back stronger.

“Proud and grateful”

Want to be a part of it?

– Yes, I always want to be part of Brynäs.

Blomqvist, who has played at the club since his junior days, came back to Brynäs last Christmas after breaking his contract with Timrå.

Do you have any regrets about coming back?

– Not for a second. I am so incredibly proud and grateful that I got to come home and represent Brynäs IF, he says.

Economically, the demotion is about a loss in the 30-million range when central revenues disappear. However, the parachute from SHL is around seven million kroner. – We will get out of this. But today is a tough day.

Malmö with a late decision

Otherwise, the home team came out with air in their lungs in the first period.

But the Skåne, who in honor of the day let Brandon Maxwell guard the box instead of Adam Werner, held tight. This despite the team being forced to play with one less man for five minutes after a match penalty on Pathrik Westerholm.

The match was 0-0 for a long time before the other Westerholm brother, Ponthus, broke the deadlock with 7.07 in the third period. The Malmö player was strongest on a rebound from Lukas Wernblom’s shot and pushed the puck in.

There were no more goals after that and the relegation is a fact.

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Ove Molin.

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