Brutally honest about hair loss

– I never thought that a disease, or a virus, would continue … I am now five months into it and I still have small symptoms for a few days, said actress Alyssa Milano (47) when she was a guest «The Dr. Oz Show» this week.

Milano has starred in a number of series and films since she was a young girl, but has perhaps in adulthood noticed herself most as women’s advocate through, among other things, the metoo movement.

She constantly talks about inflamed topics and therefore it may have been natural for her to talk about her experience with Covid-19. The actor was infected this spring, and to this day experiences after-effects of the disease.

– Difficult

It was at the end of March that Milan began to feel sick. When she visited “The Dr. Oz Show” on Thursday, she opened up about the aftermath.

According to Daily Mail The “Who’s The Boss” star reveals that she is struggling with hair loss and her short-term memory, among other things.

– It is difficult, especially when you are an actor. So much of your identity lies in these things, like having long silk hair and clean skin. In addition, I also struggle with memory loss. As an actress who has to remember lines and show emotion, respond and be “on”, it is frightening, she says to host Mehmet Oz.

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In August, the 47-year-old shared a video on Twitter where she brushed her hair. The purpose was to show exactly how much hair she loses, and at the end of the video, Milan is left with a handful of hair.

In a clip from the episode that is out on “The Dr. Oz Show”‘s website, Milano says that she has also had to go to hospital several times during the last six months.

– During the last five months, I have gone to the hospital three or four times with bad breath, she reveals.

Tested negative

Although Milan has talked about several times how the coronavirus has affected her, it’s not too long since she found out she’s sick.

The 47-year-old tested several times for the virus when she was ill in March and April, but the result came back negative. This despite the fact that she experienced several key symptoms – such as loss of taste, heavy breathing, mild fever and headache.

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After she started to feel better, she also took an antibody test to see if she had had the virus, but it also came back negative. In early August, however, just over four months after she became ill, she received a positive test for antibodies.

“I had Covid-19. I just wanted you to be aware that our testing system is faulty and that we do not have the correct numbers. I also want you to know that this disease is not a hoax. I thought I was dying “, the actor wrote in a longer post on Instagram in August.

The picture shows Milan using an oxygen mask to breathe adequately. Photos explaining the actor were taken on April 2. At the time, she had been ill for about two weeks, claiming that she lost over four kilos during those weeks.

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