Brutal Robber from “Give the Money if You Want to Live” Video Revealed – Shocking!


The 28-year-old man, who a month ago committed an armed robbery of a commercial establishment in Kardzhali, is at large and appeared at one of the biggest events in the city in recent times.

He was at the center of Levski’s campaign during yesterday’s Arda match against the Blues, in which the capital team recorded a 3-0 victory.

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On February 15, the man tried to rob a pastry shop with a gun, threatening the seller with the words: “Give me the money if you want to live”. After that, he gives up, seeing the turnover of only ten leva in the cash register. Minutes later, however, he managed to make a more solid hit, picking up BGN 450 from a cigarette and alcohol outlet in Kardzhali.

The thief was apprehended by the police while trying to leave town with the loot. Subsequently, he was in a specialized health facility, but it turned out that he was already at large.

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