Brutal for sure! Joe Cole confident ‘Felix’ will break through at Chelsea despite red card

Former Blue Lions midfielder Showing the belief that Joao Felix will go well with Chelsea, of course, even if he made his debut with a red card.

Joao Felix move to join the army “Sing the Blues” Chelsea with a loan from Atletico Madrid It has a loan value of 11 million euros without the option to buy. before getting on the field in the game premier league Remaining matches that Chelsea continue to lose Fulham 1-2 but he got a red card was expelled from the field

However, after the game Joe Cole Former Chelsea midfielder who served as an analyst for the channel BT Sports has expressed his views on this player Including this game that

“I think tonight Felix showed great form. and he showed quality immediately.”

“Just watching the first 45 minutes was enough to know that Felix would be a great signing for Chelsea. Because he shows quality and attitude. But he also has a crazy rhythm. which changed the game.”

“After the red card Chelsea went on for another 10-15 minutes, I think they look good even down to 10 men.”

“But in the Premier League it is difficult when you play with fewer people. Because you will be under pressure in different areas of the pitch.

“Graham Potter tried to solve this problem. when he changed four reserves, but in the end Now many important moments on the football field are not favored by Chelsea, including Potter himself.

“Something has to change. In the sense that they needed a goal and a lucky victory. to regain confidence.”

“I think if Chelsea score a goal they will get morale. and win comfortably A door that has come in a scrappy way. is what they want.”

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