Brussels director Laura Wandel wins again with debut “Un monde”: “A lot of buzz about the film”

The Sutherland Award has been in existence since 1953 and recognizes the most original and imaginative film screened at the London Film Festival. It is only the third time that a Belgian film has won this prize. Three years ago Lukas Dhont won with his hit film “Girl”.

“It is a very nice surprise to win this debut prize”, responds the Brussels director Laura Wandel. “I’m very proud that the film crosses language boundaries and can reach an English-speaking audience.”

“Winning such a prize at a film festival in London: that is really a reference, because that is not the first thing,” says Lieven Van Gils, film journalist for VRT NWS. “I spoke to Laura today at the film festival in Ghent, and she told me how wonderfully her film was received in London.”


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