Bruno Fernand says Keyman tells Alisson to get a free-kick

Bruno Fernand, Superstar United Admitting that before he killed the free kick in the door, Edinson Kawani came and whispered to him, Try shooting in a corner where Alice is standing in control, according to on January 25, 2021.

After the gameFootball live scoresBurst into Man U defeated Liverpool 3-2 in the FA Cup Round 4. The goal of the Red Devils came from Bruno’s winning goal, which was a decisive free-kick. Which referred to revealed that

Man U

“Of course, I am very happy that we won. It doesn’t matter who can shoot. But I trained really hard with these free kicks. Anyway, I have to give credit to Cavani, as he told me to shoot right in the corner that Alice is at. You don’t have to risk shooting over walls. 26-year-old shin reveal

“Personally, I think we really want to win this game, we press them more than in the league game. Of course, I am very happy with this result. And I am very happy to be able to move to United. “

Bruno Fernand has made 19 appearances for Manchester United this season, scoring 11 goals, which is a really remarkable feat.

Photo: AFP

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