Brother Moiseev: “Boris was hiding in an unknown place, he died there. They took him home dead. “

By the way, insiders are convinced that no traces of the artist’s violent death have been found. “The criminal causes of the death of singer Boris Moiseev, who died on September 27 at the age of 69, have not been established,” they note.

Moiseev’s brother, Marx Tolkach, denies the arguments, saying that “Peas (the star’s director) actually killed Borya”. According to a relative of the singer, a colleague intends to appropriate the property of the deceased. “Peas knew very well what wealth Boris had. He needed him to take the property, but how to take it? It is necessary to kill a person or bring him into a state where he dies, ”he says.

Marx also spoke of his hypotheses about the death of his brother. “I think Boris died not at home, he died where he was hiding. And then at night or when Peas took him home and put him in, he shares. – Recently, we have never seen Boris in contact, he was shown on TV that he was walking in the courtyard. All that was shown was old footage, recorded a long time ago. Peas, when he isolated Boris, hid him in an unknown place. In the same place he died. They brought him home already dead. “

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