Brother Bao changed his career as a director and remembered his sister Lin Ouyang Fenqiang: “Xiaoxu is a born poet.”

Brother Bao changed his career as a director and remembered his sister Lin Ouyang Fenqiang: “Xiaoxu is a born poet.”

2022-09-17 19:54:09Source: Xi’an News Network

In 1983, Wang Fulin, the director of “A Dream of Red Mansions”, went to Chengdu to select actors. Ouyang Fenqiang, who was born with a baby face, was selected to play the role of “Jia Baoyu”. Since then, his life has been inextricably linked to “Jia Baoyu”.

In this performance of “Eternal Dream of Red Mansions – The 35th Anniversary Concert of the 87th Edition of Dream of Red Mansions”, Ouyang Fenqiang and more than a dozen actors on stage, on behalf of all cast members, starred ” Dai Dai “under the testimony of the public. “Jade Entering the House” segment, together remember the eternal sister Lin – Chen Xiaoxu.

In 2017, when Dream of Red Mansions reunited for the 30th anniversary, the concert held in the Great Hall of the People also starred the fragment of “Daiyu Entering the House”. Ouyang Fenqiang said: “Compared to the play five years ago, this performance is even more exciting, because we used holographic projection technology to restore sister Lin’s image and invited Ms. Zhang Hailing, who nicknamed her sister. Lin, performing on stage, liven up his voice.

In 1987, “A Dream of Red Mansions” won the love of thousands of audiences and Ouyang Fenqiang became popular overnight. Through “A Dream of Red Mansions”, he and Chen Xiaoxu have made a deep friendship. “Among the actors of the entire Dream of Red Mansions troupe, Xiaoxu is the most similar to Lin Daiyu, because she has an intellectual poetic temperament. She is a talented woman and her portrayal of Lin Daiyu is penetrating and has influenced generations of audiences. . “And Lin Daiyu in life She is a true poet. Ouyang Fenqiang proudly said, “She likes to read and write poetry. She wrote hundreds of modern poems. Before many poems were published, I was the first reader. It’s amazing, in life she really is the kind of Lin banging that people say. netizens, which angers her and it is difficult for others to refute what she said. “

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Whether it’s a novel or a TV series, “Daiyu Enters the House” is an important chapter. It shows many characters in a scene and a play. This clip is also the first time that it shows all the characters in Jia’s house, including Jia Mu, Wang Xifeng, Ms. Wang, and Jia Baoyu appearing for the first time. “The reason I chose this scene is because it can bring together many actors to cherish the memory of Chen Xiaoxu and sister Lin,” said Ouyang Fenqiang.

Text / Image: Tang Jiaxin, Xi’an Newspaper Industry All-Media Reporter intern

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