Brooke Shields: I was raped in my Hollywood career

American actress Brooke Shields revealed in the movie “Pretty Baby: Brooke Shields”, the documentary that premiered at the “Sundance Film Festival”, that she was raped at the beginning of her Hollywood career. The former model did not reveal the identity of her attacker, but she indicated that she had met the man she already knew, shortly after she finished her university studies.

Shields believed that the meeting was a business meeting aimed at discussing her participation in auditions to choose actors for a new movie.

The man took her to his hotel, claiming that he wanted to order a taxi for her from his room. Instead, he entered and exited the toilet naked before raping her, Shields said.

“It was like a battle,” the actress says in the documentary. “I was afraid that I would suffocate or be harmed.”

And she continues, “I did not resist much, but I was very afraid, and I thought that my refusal would not be enough,” adding: “I told myself to save your life and then leave.”

Shields indicated that after being raped, she called a friend of hers who worked in the field of security, to assure her that what she faced was rape, and she responded by saying, “I did not understand that yet.”

This statement by Shields is one of the many influential scenes in the work, which will be shown on the “Hulu” streaming platform in two parts.

After gaining international fame in her adolescence, the young woman entered Princeton University. However, after her graduation, she faced difficulties in obtaining new roles, which explains the bad meeting she had with her rapist.

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Prior to the premiere of the film at the “Sundance Festival”, which will continue until January 29 in the state of Utah (western United States), in which the urban formula is adopted for the first time since the start of the pandemic three years ago, the actress said “to Agence France-Presse”: “ The idea that I would like to convey is perseverance, and that the person does not allow himself to become a victim in the eyes of any society or sector.

She added, “I am proud of the way I have continued to learn, progress, work and be passionate about what I do.”

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