Broncano confesses in ‘My house is yours’: Money, social networks and who wouldn’t he invite to La Resistencia?

David Broncano She is one of the most loved and followed faces on television, however, it is not usual for her to give interviews to talk about her most private and personal side.

The presenter has made an exception and has chatted with Bertín Osborne in ‘My house is yours’where he confessed to the host and did not miss the opportunity to bring out his most indiscreet side to delve into the life of the Telecinco ‘showman’.


Broncano has always wanted to promote a healthy lifestyle and does not hesitate to show himself against some of the most common vices of society. The comedian has always said that he has never tried drugs and does not consume alcohol either, although there is a vice that could not be resisted for a long timesocial networks.

The biggest vice that I have gotten rid of in recent months and I am very happy is that I stopped using social networks“, confessed the guest of ‘My house is yours’, “the biggest thing I’ve taken off in the last year or so, and I’m very happy. The day I saw that he spent two and a half hours every day on Instagram and Twitter, I thought that ‘my life was going away‘” he stressed.

In addition, before closing the topic, he wanted to clarify that, although it may seem otherwise, At no time did he stop using social networks due to criticism or comments from the ‘haters’that he could receive in his profiles, since he assured that this type of thing did not affect him too much.


The driver of ‘La Resistencia’ also spoke with Bertín about the money he earns thanks to his work and the greatest whim he had allowed himself thanks to it, a “sporty” car, which cost him around 130,000 euros, a luxury he bought because he can afford it, since “as a presenter I earn a lot of money, I earn what I never imagined I would earn,” he admitted.

He did not want to go into details, but acknowledged that he is very lucky: ” I’m very lucky because I earn it making pranks and jokes. That is very lucky and it is noble because I earn it by doing a little good. I earn money without hurting anyone and I use that money for the welfare of the people I consider”, he confessed and revealed that although his role as presenter is going from strength to strength, that of producer is still starting: “I’m not gaining much weight the account because we are starting, but in our profession of presenters you earn a lot of money“.


How could it be otherwise? Broncano and Bertín also talked about the format that the former presents from Monday to Thursday on Movistar +.

The comedian has interviewed numerous well-known faces from different fields, from cinema to sports, going through many other disciplines, throughout the years he has led ‘La Resistencia’, and even has managed to seat personalities quite reluctant to grant interviews on his famous sofa.

The presenter has confessed that on some occasions he has asked to interview a particular character like, for example, Roger Federer, but he had never answered the question Bertín put to him, ” Who would you never invite to your show?“.

It would be very difficult for me to invite people who promote hatred between people, I mean, people who incite discrimination against a certain group of people“, Make it clear Broncano avoiding giving names and surnames.


Broncano’s visit to ‘My house is yours’ has gone a long way and has left virtually no issue in the pipeline.

During his speech on the Telecinco program, the presenter confessed to which program he would never go as a contestantsince it is a format with which it is not identified at all, ‘Survivors’.

“No. I do not like a program of that style in which you expose everything. Although today I have told you many things here, without going into details, I am very modest, but here I am calm and we get along well. It’s a format you wouldn’t see me in. I like to tell jokes, go home and have my life,” said the guest.

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