Broadcast: KNAB demands to repay “KPV LV” almost all donation of Ģirģens’ former adviser in the amount of 10,000 euros – Criminal – News

KNAB questions Jonite’s donation of 10,000 euros, because the payment does not correspond to her income. Therefore, the office demands to repay almost the entire amount. To do this, the party may not use state funding for this purpose, but the party’s account is empty.

Party leader Atis Zakatistovs stressed that the political force is law-abiding and will repay “everything we are asked for violations, if the KNAB has established it”. Asked whether the party had enough funds to repay the donation, Zakatistov replied that it was a very private matter and “it would be unreasonable to expect” that he had private cases about the party in front of the camera.

Jānis Pļaviņš, a representative of “Memory Water”, also demands to repay the funds to the party. He wrote a letter to the political force, demanding to repay the debt that had arisen in support of the party in the Saeima elections. The amount claimed is almost as high as the lot was paid to the company this summer.

In a letter to the party, Pļaviņš indicated that his family had donated funds to the party, but KNAB imposed a fine of 600 euros due to improper presentation of the donation. In the letter, he referred to the former Minister of Economics Ralph Nemiro (KPV LV), who had promised to settle the issue by asking to address the party. Pļaviņš asked the party to compensate 600 euros for the losses he had suffered due to the penalty imposed by the KNAB.

Zakatistovs is not aware of such a letter, but Nemiro has indicated to the program that the party will not settle the issue.

The party excluded a number of people from the circle of members who raised concerns about the use of suspicious funds, and the party’s board planned to expel several more members from political power on Monday. Those expelled from the party plan to challenge the decision of the political force.


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