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– It is crucial that our measures are as possible as possible, consistent and easy for people to follow, said City Councilor Raymond Johansen (Labor Party) at a press conference on Thursday.

There he told that the current measures in Oslo will be continued.

Johansen fears that stricter measures will make people in Oslo tired of the measures.

A new survey, however, shows that most residents are not renting the measures in the city.

Tiltakstrøyttleiken increases, claims City Councilor Raymond Johansen.

Photo: Anders Fehn / NRK

Oslo people: Not too strict measures

Opinion has asked 2000 residents in Oslo about their views on corona measures.

Figures from the survey show the following:

  • 72 per cent do not think that the guidelines introduced by the government to limit corona infection are too strict. This is about the same number as in the rest of the country (71 percent).
  • 61 per cent believe that the strain on the measures has not been too great. Here they differ somewhat from the rest of the country (57 percent).
  • The people of Oslo are especially positive about face masks and registration at restaurants.

The people of Oslo are still less satisfied with their municipality than people in the rest of the country.

On a national basis, 69 per cent say that they are satisfied with how their municipality has handled the corona situation this autumn. In Oslo, only 58 percent are satisfied.

In the last 14 days, there have been 662 cases of infection in Oslo. On Thursday, the city council leader said that the situation is serious.

People with and without face masks on the subway in Oslo.

Mouthpieces and registration at restaurants have been well received by Oslo’s residents, according to Opinion’s survey.

Photo: Anders Fehn / NRK

Think people are sensible

Out in the rain at Torshov this Saturday, the NRK meetings agree with the participants in the survey.

– I think we must do what is necessary to reduce the infection. It affects our lives, of course, but it’s not so bad that we can not live with it, says Erland Often Sveen.

Erland Often Sveen

Erland Often Sveen’s two children are in quarantine due to infection in the kindergarten.

Photo: Andreas de Brito Jonassen / NRK

The father of two is satisfied that the city council has now introduced more injunctions, not just recommendations.

Jarle Svardal says the broad support for the infection control rules in Oslo is as expected.

– We are in a special situation and then I think people are so sensible that they understand that it is wise for a period of time to get through this pandemic.

Eugenie Husebye is a retired nurse. She thinks it will be difficult to introduce even stricter rules.

– I think it is more important to appeal to everyone to follow the rules that have been introduced. It tries the government as best they can, but it seems that many give a little bluff.

Eugenie Husebye and Jarle Svardal

Eugenie Husebye and Jarle Svardal are happy with the rules in Oslo, but think that many are too bad to follow them.

Photo: Andreas de Brito Jonassen / NRK

Oslo Municipality: Many are renting

Although most people are good at following the rules, the municipality of Oslo believes that people are not as good as this spring.

Communications manager Hanne Gjørtz explains that the municipality receives a lot of positive feedback about the measures.

– Most people support the measures, some think we should have had stricter measures, but there are also many who express that they are tired of the situation. This is what the city council leader talked about in his post, Gjørtz writes in an e-mail.

She points out that the municipality has not conducted its own investigations.

Meiner city councilor has gone further than the government

Karl-Fredrik Tangen is an associate professor at Kristiania University College and a PR expert.

He believes that even though Raymond Johansen has not wanted to introduce new measures, he has gone further than the health authorities and the government in individual cases.

– It seems that Oslo is willing to introduce stricter measures than the government, such as around Christmas dinners, Tangen tells NRK.

Karl-Fredrik Tangen

Karl-Fredrik Tangen is an associate professor and PR expert.

Photo: Kristiania University College

– a leiarfigur

Prime Minister Erna Solberg (H) has encouraged companies to hold Christmas dinners for their employees.

Johansen, on the other hand, asks the people of Oslo to drop both the Christmas table and the Halloween celebration this year, and generally to have as little social contact as possible in the future.

Tangen thinks the city council leader juggles a number of different interests as a party politician and as a leader with responsibility for the city.

The PR expert still says that the city council leader has acted as a leader figure in recent weeks.

– He manages to create some conflict between the Conservatives who govern the country and the Labor Party who govern the city. At the same time, it seems that he is taking responsibility, says Tangen.

He says it is scary for Johansen to go against the health authorities and the government in such a situation.

The city council leader has nevertheless managed to balance that, says Tangen.

– As long as it seems that one has realism in the measures that are taken, I think the inhabitants will have an understanding of the rules that are introduced, he continued.

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