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Britt Dekker and Marga Bult publicly drop Akwasi

“Yes, my teacher called me an unruly lazy pig haha! Do I have to start crying now? This man …”, the presenter wrote on Twitter, citing the article about Akwasi. Singer Marga Bult also doesn’t like Akwasi’s message. “And they called me spindle bone with rabbit teeth! Grow up man, it only makes you stronger. “

Saturday afternoon both the search terms Akwasi and Aquarium were trending on Twitter. Users wrote, among other things, that the rapper with Ghanaian roots should not be involved.

These days Britt is not afraid to express how she feels about certain things. At first Talpa seemed like a terrible company to work for, but she still said ‘yes’ to John de Mol because she wanted a horse.

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