Briton arrested who has to go to prison for 444 days

The police arrested a fugitive Briton in a house in the center of the city on Wednesday morning. The British authorities sought the 59-year-old suspect in connection with an open prison sentence for drug trafficking. He has to serve another 444 days.

The arrest followed after concrete information came in from another investigation that drugs could be traded from a home in the center. Investigators decided to open an investigation.

While they were at the front door, a man at the back of the house jumped from the balcony to a balcony on a lower floor. He had a lot of money in his hands and could be immediately seized by officers.

Then the house was searched and there was also found around 50,000 euros in cash.

With the 18,500 euros in cash that he had with him, investigators seized a total amount of over 68,000 euros. In addition, various goods were found in the home related to drug trafficking.

The Briton has been detained for two weeks. The surrender procedure to the UK will follow at a later date.

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