Britney Spears “trapped”: New York Times dedicates documentary to her ruthless guardianship

“My daughter is going to get so rich that she can buy me a beautiful boat.” This little phrase, the father of Britney Spears had slipped while the career of his pop star daughter was still in its infancy. An anecdote that says a lot about the intentions of the almighty Jamie Spears and that can be found in Britney Spears Framed (Britney Spears, trapped, Editor’s note) a documentary signed on New York Times, aired February 5 in the US.

The report seeks to shed light on the thirteen-year-long (and still ongoing) trusteeship that worries fans and supporters of the viral #FreeBritney movement. Friend, lawyers, staff … various witnesses are contributing their contribution to better understand the toxic influence of the 38-year-old singer, who has not released an album since 2016. “I never understood the ins and outs of Jamie’s guardianship. What I do know is that at her age and her experience, Britney is perfectly capable of taking care of herself. a moment when she can tell her own story, as she sees fit. And I can’t wait for that moment to come, because everything will become perfectly crystal clear. “, says Felicia Culotta, a former assistant still very close to the star.

2021 may well be a pivotal year for Britney Spears since it could mark the end of her wardship, recorded in 2008 after a series of hospitalizations.

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