Britney Spears starts a legal battle with a new lawyer to get rid of her father’s custody completely / Article

Pop star Britney Spears’ new lawyer has launched a legal battle to completely free the singer from his father’s guardianship. The singer calls the decision made in 2008, when she actually lost control of her finances and daily life, life-destroying and tries to undo it for more than six months.

Britney Spears has also announced that she will not speak as long as her father is in control of what she does and speaks. After a long battle, the Los Angeles court allowed Spears to be represented by Matthew Rosengrat, a lawyer who is seeking to have his father, James Spears, replaced by a professional accountant.

James Spears currently controls the subsidiary’s assets and assets for more than $ 57 million and continues to claim to act in the subsidiary’s best interests.

Her father was granted special guardian status after Britney Spears went through a very public mental health crisis.

Although her father has relinquished her special legal status, he still controls virtually all the money he earned during his brilliant career.

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