Britney Spears shows herself in home clothes and without cosmetics – Hollywood

On October 5, the famous singer posted a picture on Instagram. The woman was wearing a plaid flannel shirt, jeans, sandals and glasses.

“Reality and Instagram! I wanted to show you what I look like everyday,” Spears wrote in the frame.

The singer found that she doesn’t always feel confident. “I feel insecure when I take photos that I’m not ready for. I’ve always put a lot of effort into my appearance. But you know, sometimes it’s good not to try so hard and relax!” – she believes.

Spears also shared some interesting facts about his past. “Another interesting fact about me. During school I was not on the cheerleaders, but on the basketball team. I was the match manager, so I was the main team! But we were a terrible team – we only won three games each season!”

The singer regularly publishes records telling fans about various aspects of life. Last month, she shared a video that shows only lightly colored. In the publication, Spears stated that he had always felt pressured to look perfect.

“For the first time in my life, I’m without a lot of cosmetics! In these videos you can see what my face really looks like. It’s pretty scary for me. Now you can even see my freckles!” Spears spoke at the video.

Spears said that life in the spotlight had greatly affected him. Various comments about her appearance have left a negative impression. “It’s hard to grow up in Hollywood! Appearance is the most important thing,” the singer wrote.

She also claimed to have often encountered offensive comments about her age and appearance.


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