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Britney Spears Sheds Light on Her Life and Guardianship Crisis in New Book

Zaki Makkawi Sunday, October 22, 2023 05:00 AM

International singer Britney Spears has published a new book about her life story, and her crises with the guardianship imposed earlier by her father, which caused her many problems, for many years during which her star faded.

book Britney Spears It is called The Woman In Me, and it contains many surprises for her fans, according to what was published by international websites that confirmed that Spears will surprise many of her fans with what the book contains about her most prominent supporters during that period. It also addresses chapters of her suffering, those who caused it, and those who stood against her.

On the other hand, a number of international websites previously revealed a separation in August of this year Britney Spears About Sam Asghari after a short marriage, against the backdrop of a dispute between them that was rumored to be due to infidelity, but press reports denied the matter.

The Daily Mail website revealed the fate of Britney Spears’ wealth, which is estimated at $60 million, and whether Sam will receive any sums from his divorce from her, but the website confirmed that Britney’s wealth is protected by a prenuptial agreement that Sam will not receive any sums from her wealth in the event of a divorce. Before the marriage, while the website revealed that the agreement included that Sam would receive a million dollars for every two years of marriage, with a maximum of 10 million dollars after 15 years of marriage, but because their marriage had only been one year, it is expected that the settlement would end with a check for a sum of money from Britney to Sam. My youngest.

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