Britney Spears. Revealed her secrets to have firm buttocks from the gym she burned

The singer revealed her routine to keep fit and explained every exercise from the gym that she accidentally set on fire Credit: Instagram Britney Spears

Britney Spears

She surprised her followers with a tutorial to stay in shape, or, as she explained herself, “to have the buttocks of steel.” From her gym – the one she accidentally burned down a while back – the American pop singer explained many of the exercises she performs every day.

“Hi guys, I’m at my gym today,” Britney, 38, said in the new video she posted on Instagram. “Yes, it is the gym that I burned. It is not ready yet, it is in repair, but we are working on it.”

Despite the curious introduction to the video, the artist’s followers were happy to see her animated and active, after various episodes in which she was shown acting strangely. As it was known, the actress and singer went through very difficult moments. The most remembered occurred in 2007 when, after shaving her head, she was seen hitting the car of a photojournalist who was chasing her to take a photo of her.

The success routine

“These exercises are key, believe it or not, they really help keep your buttocks firm. I didn’t have time to show the full routine, but it will leave you exhausted. I hope everyone takes care of themselves and stays healthy,” the artist wrote below the video. And she clarified: “It is also very important to learn to meditate and stretch for clarity. Stay safe my friends and God bless you all.”



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