Britney Spears: ‘I’m fine’ | Entertainment

entertainment“>In the video tells Britney that everything is going well with her, although fans seriously doubt that.

entertainment“>”I know that there are a lot of rumors about me and that there are a lot of people who tell lies about me,” the singer begins her story. “But I want to let you know that everything is going well with me. I have never been happier than now. Lots of love to all of you! ”

entertainment“>According to Britney’s fans, she would be anything but okay and they are again very concerned about their idol. “My God, how fast you talk. What the hell have you been wearing? ”Writes one fan. Another responds: “Dear darling, you don’t have to keep up appearances for us. Everyone can see that you are not doing well. Stop this and seek help. And know that we are there for you. ”

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