Britney Spears’ father strikes back at #FreeBritney: – Conspiracy theory

In 2007, the singing star had a breakdown that led to her staying admitted to psychiatric treatment and was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. That same year, she was incapacitated and her father Jamie Spears (68) was appointed guardian, with responsibility for, among other things, her daughter’s finances, visits and medical situation.

Originally, the guardianship scheme was created to protect her from herself after she had a breakdown where she, among other things, shaved off all her hair and attacked a car with an umbrella. The idea was that the scheme would cease as soon as she showed stable behavior, but it is still maintained 13 years later.

Em Britney Spears supporter in place with demonstration poster outside the courthouse in Los Angeles on July 22 in connection with a hearing about the singing star’s guardianship. Photo: AFP

Over the past year, an ever-increasing number of Britney Spears fans have gathered behind the hashtag #FreeBritney which has been duly featured in international tabloid newspapers and social media. They claim that the former pop princess’ father controls and manipulates her, keeps her trapped in her own home and exploits her success for her own gain.

– The world has no idea

In an interview with Page Six takes Jamie Spears now to the counter and mentions #FreeBritney as one big joke.

– All these conspiracy theorists know nothing. The world has no idea. It is up to the court in California to decide what is best for my daughter. It’s nobody else’s business.

At the same time, he denies the accusations if he exploits the fact that his daughter is one of the best-selling artists of all time for his own financial gain. Among other things, he is accused of stealing parts of her income and regularly draining her fortune.

– I have to report every penny that is used to the court every year. How in the heck should I be able to steal something, he continues in the interview.

Jamie Spears claims the fans behind #FreeBritney can be very aggressive towards himself and his daughter’s team as they consider it their mission to get the singing star out of the alleged captivity. According to him, the result has been death threats, stalking and harassment.

– I love my daughter. I love all my kids. But this is our case. It is private, he says.

“Kill your grandfather”

It has been reasonably quiet from Spears on the music front in recent years. Her last album came out four years ago, which is her longest break since she debuted with “… Baby One More Time” in 1999. Since her debut album, she has released thirteen albums that have all sold well internationally.

(The case continues below)

Britney Spears in her right element - on stage, as here at the Billboard Awards in 2016. Photo: Reuters / Mario Anzuoni

Britney Spears in her right element – on stage, as here at the Billboard Awards in 2016. Photo: Reuters / Mario Anzuoni

According to US Weekly the pop star has long refused to work because she is bitter towards her father.

– Britney has expressed that she does not want to work again because she does not want to continue to be under guardianship. Britney dislikes the fact that her father is given a monthly amount of around 10,000 dollars to overlook her finances, says an unnamed source.

In March, son Jayden (13) told in a live video on Instagram that the mother might have to leave the music business forever. At the same time, he let his grandfather get the smooth layer. When a fan commented “kill your grandfather”, the boys replied:

“Dude, I’ve been thinking the same thing.”

“This is called bullying”

Although it has been musically quiet from Spears, she has kept the activity up on social media with both dance videos and selfies. But several fans have expressed concern about her mental state in comment fields on Instagram. Several claim to see signs that she is about to incur a new collapse similar to the one she had in 2007.

(The case continues below)

Britney Spears and her boyfriend Sam Asghari pose at the premiere of the movie “Once Upon a Time In Hollywood” in Los Angeles on July 22 last year. Photo: Reuters / Mario Anzuoni

In an own Instagram posts in mid-March, along with a picture that read “No one follows more than those who do not like you,” Spears called these comments bullying.

“Reading all the bad comments really hurts my feelings… and I share this with you because you really should not say all these bad things to someone you do not even know. This is actually called bullying. Such difficult times as we are in now should really teach us to be kinder to each other “, she wrote, among other things.

Britney Spears still has the benefit of commenting on the allegations that the so-called #FreeBritney movement has shared on social media, according to USA Today.

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