British Woman Claims Rape by UAE Minister in Private Island Villa

LONDON, – A woman English who worked at the literary festival United Arab Emirates ( UEA), accusing the UAE Minister of Tolerance of sexually harassing him in February.

The report was revealed by the newspapers The Sunday Times which was launched AFP on Sunday (18/10/2020).

The Minister for Tolerance Sheikh Nahyan bin Mubarak Al Nahyan, 69, has denied his guilt and is being investigated by Scotland Yard, the headquarters of the British Metropolitan Police.

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The case allegedly occurred when Hay literature festival worker Caitlin McNamara, 32, who asked to be named, visited the minister at a private island villa on Valentine’s Day.

The alleged victim said the abuse occurred when he was invited to meet Sheikh Nahyam just before the opening of the first Abu Dhabi Hay Festival.

In Britain, the woman then filed a formal complaint with the police. The Metropolitan Police is investigating it as an accusation rape, according to reports The Sunday Times.

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Hay Festival Council Chair Caroline Michel said, “What happened to our friend and colleague Caitlin McNamara in Abu Dhabi in February is a terrible violation and a grave abuse of trust and position.”

“Sheikh Nahyan bin Mubarak Al Nahyan tarnished his ministry’s responsibilities and undermined his administration’s efforts to work with the Hay Festival in promoting free speech and women’s empowerment,” wrote The Sunday Times quote a statement.

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Defamation lawyer London Schillings said The Sunday Times“Our client is shocked and saddened by this accusation, which comes eight months after the alleged incident in the national newspaper.”

The Metropolitan Police confirmed that a woman contacted officers in July to report allegations of rape.

“Initial statements have been taken from the woman,” they said.

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